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CoffeeScript in the browser

Try CoffeeScript in your HTML 5 web browser. Edit examples, run programs, solve exercises without installation or plug-ins. Compatible with up-to-date desktop browsers and Mobile Safari even offline.

Smooth CoffeeScript is a book about CoffeeScript and programming. Start with programming fundamentals, learn about functional programming with Underscore and problem solving, study object orientation and modularity. It covers client/server web apps with Canvas and WebSockets.

No previous programming knowledge is required. CoffeeScript lets you write web oriented applications simply and elegantly. It is closely related to JavaScript but without its quirky corners. Together with the JavaScript Basics supplement you can learn both at once.

Quick References & Goodies Interactive HTML 5 Edition

Programming in CoffeeScript

Smooth CoffeeScript is also available in static HTML ebook form and in PDF typeset for print (200+ pages, 35 exercises, with or without solutions).

You can download all editions, quick references and source code for examples and books from the open source repository.

Install CoffeeScript to get the most out of the static editions. It is easy on Windows and Mac OS X: How to install CoffeeScript.

Learn more at Get to know Eloquent JavaScript.

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